A Special “Shout Out” for a Professional Achievement

By Karin Grablin


My business partner, Steve, is great at giving kudos and accolades for the achievements of family members, clients, employees and others in our profession, but not so much when it comes to his own accomplishments.  And while he’s had quite a few achievements over his professional career, he recently had a significant one that I feel is important to “spotlight” for him, since likely he wouldn’t do it on his own.


Please join me in congratulating Steve for being awarded the designation of Master Certified Estate Planner™, the highest level of certification one can earn from The National Institute of Certified Estate Planners (NICEP)!  Having invested quite a bit of time and effort to complete the advanced coursework for this designation, Steve recently successfully completed the qualifying exam necessary to earn this master designation.  That is no small achievement and very few financial planners in Sarasota – much less the entire State of Florida – have achieved this designation.   For a copy of the “official” press release about this achievement, please click here.  I am proud of Steve for this prestigious accomplishment just as I am proud to be his business partner for the last 15 years.  Way to go, Steve!


So what does this achievement mean?


For our clients, it affirms that, when it comes to helping you with your estate planning needs, we have you covered!   While we are not practicing attorneys and cannot draw up legal documents, we have the experience and training necessary to help clarify your goals, explain the various planning options and solutions available to you and, working collaboratively with your attorney, make sure the documents they draw up adequately address your goals & needs to protect you – and your loved ones.  We will also make sure your assets are appropriately titled and all of your beneficiaries are updated to properly support your new estate plan.


For prospective clients who have not updated their estate plan recently, it means that if your current financial advisor does not offer estate planning support services to you, it might be wise to give our offices a call to see if we can be of assistance to you.  Our second opinion is complimentary and may uncover important gaps in your estate and financial plans that need to be addressed.  You may learn something new from such a meeting, or at a minimum, be able to strongly validate that what you already have in place is working for you.


Either way, we believe that estate planning is an important part of any client’s financial plan and, with advanced training in this field, remain committed to providing concierge wealth management to all of the clients we serve.   We thank you for the opportunity to be of service – either now, or in the future!

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