“What Can I Do To Help?” – Our Response to COVID-19

By Karin Grablin, CPA, CFP®
Wealth Advisor at SRQ Wealth

These are unusual and uncertain times, to be sure. By now, all of us have been inundated with facts and figures about the Coronavirus, and its impact on the health of our community, our country and the world, both physically and financially. Given how caring and giving our clients and friends are, we know many are thinking:

“What can I do to help?”

Certainly, most of us who are able to are trying to work remotely, or “shelter in place” to prevent the spread of this contagious virus. That change in routine makes us less able to literally “reach out a hand” to help someone who may need it. As a Take Stock in Children mentor myself, I am trying to figure out how best to maintain contact with my mentee before the school year ends. That’s just one example of how we’ve all had to re-invent how we operate in the world, and still “give back.”

At SRQ Wealth, we are working remotely but still able to meet our clients’ needs, and they have been understanding about postponing meetings or holding them “virtually.” But since we can’t be out in our community, we also feel the least we can do now is to contribute to a program that will be there to help those whose lives will be most impacted by COVID-19 in the coming weeks and months.

Enter Season of Sharing (SOS), a local “tried and true” program for helping the most vulnerable in our society usually during the holidays. But now, SOS is being operationalized to also respond to this current crisis. To learn more about it, please click here.

SRQ Wealth has been a long-time supporter of Season of Sharing, and now in response to the current challenges in our community, we have chosen to support it again. While there are many worthwhile non-profit agencies in our community deserving of our financial support, if you want to make a donation and can’t decide where to send it, consider Season of Sharing. It will make a difference!

For more ideas on ways to help, consider those listed in this article.

And while the days ahead of us are likely to be tough, we have faith in our health care providers, our community and the invincible human spirit in general. We will get through this, and will likely emerge from it stronger, smarter and even better at caring for each other than before. We hope that day comes much sooner than later.

Until then, stay healthy and safe, and we look forward to seeing you when this crisis is over!

Warmest regards,
Your SRQ Wealth Team


Take Stock in Children and Season of Sharing are separate, unaffiliated companies not affiliated with Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC or CWM, LLC. The charitable entities and/or fundraising opportunities described herein are not endorsed by or affiliated with Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC or its affiliates. Our philanthropic interests are personal to us and are not reviewed, sponsored, or approved by Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC.

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