Without A Plan

Published By Michele Schreck, Wealth Advisor

Do you have a plan for your financial future? Life happens and we may not always work on our financial priorities until we are nearing retirement. Suddenly, you’re left asking yourself, “I want to retire in a few years, will I be okay? Can I do this?” Sometimes the stars align and you find that you are able to reach a successful retirement continuing the lifestyle you have become accustomed to. However, building a plan with your investment advisor can help to provide confidence that you’ll be ready.

Acting as your own advisor can be tough…especially if it isn’t your full-time job! Is the market scaring you out? If that answer is yes and you have gone to cash, when do you get back into the market? You must be right twice- on when to sell and when to buy. Have you thought about the best and most efficient way to save for your children’s educations or considered your own estate planning? When changes sporadically occur, it can be difficult to be sure you have everything in place and up-to-date.

Establishing a plan with your financial advisor will help you set goals and maintain a disciplined path. In addition to having the support of a team behind you to leverage deep industry knowledge, we have a vast network of specialized services, proven investment strategies and a passion for serving you. You are never too young to start! We want to inspire you to live your life by design – not by default, and by providing you the best ways to save for retirement. Once you share with us what you want out of life, we’ll help you make informed decisions that fit your expectations and vision for the years ahead. Making the best decision can only be accomplished by providing you with education, ensuring you have a solid understand of what we’re doing together, why, and how it benefits you.

When you join Carson Wealth Management Group, you have the backing of our Investment Committee, Wealth Enhancement Group and personalized service. Find out how we can help you achieve True Wealth (all that money can’t buy and death can’t take away) through expert service, time-tested strategies and proactive guidance. Please contact me or one of our experienced Wealth Advisors for a complimentary consultation today!

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