Market Commentary: Late February Bumps are Normal

Welcome to Late February The S&P 500 fell slightly last week, and it’s fair to say the market was due. The shift comes on the heels of the index being higher 14 out of 15 weeks while gaining more than 20% over that period for the first time in history. In other words, a pause …

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Facts Vs Feelings Take 5 – Are Things Too Good to Be True??

Stocks are high. The economy is strong. There’s even talk of lower Fed rates. Is there anything investors should be worried about? Carson Group’s Chief Market Strategist Ryan Detrick and VP, Global Macro Strategist Sonu Varghese answer these questions and more:  Are stocks up too high?  Wha …

Market Commentary: Good News Is Good News

In 2022, positive economic data typically led to a sell-off in the stock market, and weak data often led to a rally. This was due to the overriding worry that better data meant the Federal Reserve would hike rates and weak data meant it might cut. That wasn’t normal market behavior, and we …

Facts Vs Feelings Take 5 – Stocks At All-Time Highs, Now What?

It took more than two years, but the S&P 500 hit another all-time high last week. With stocks up significantly, many investors are asking whether or not to worry. Join Carson Group’s Chief Market Strategist Ryan Detrick and VP, Global Macro Strategist Sonu Varghese for their insights. H …

Applying to College? These Changes to the FAFSA May Affect You

By Ryan Egolf, EA, Senior Tax Planner If you or your children are in the college hunt, the prospect of paying for school could be disheartening given its alarming price tag. The Education Data Initiative estimates the average annual cost of public college in the United States to be more tha …

What Documents You Should Provide to Your Tax Preparer

Mike Valenti, CPA, CFP®, Director of Tax Planning Tom Fridrich, JD, CLU, ChFC®, Senior Wealth Planner It’s January, so it’s officially tax season! One of the most common client questions heard by tax preparers is, “So, what do you need from me?” The short answer to that question is often, “ …

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