Financial Planning

We wish to make a positive impact along all stages of your life’s milestones. This means we focus on:


We first address your most pressing financial planning needs. We refer to that as our clients’ “means,” (asset accumulation, tax planning, debt management, insurance, retirement planning & asset protection) to ensure there are strategies in place to meet each of these needs.

Your Family

Once we have taken care of your most immediate planning needs, we  expand our focus to those  you care about the most, which we refer to as our clients’ “meaning” in life. We provide planning support (education funding, fostering independence, business succession planning, legacy planning, stewardship education) so clients can rest assured their loved ones are also taken care of as they wish. This may include directly providing services to their family members – as clients themselves.

Your Community

Often, when clients realize their “means” and their “meaning” are well taken-care of, they may then choose to realize bigger goals, by finding ways to give back to the community or the causes they care about. It’s then that they may feel they’re fulfilling their “mission” in life.  We support clients through this milestone as well, by helping them with gifting, charitable & legacy planning strategies to make this most positive impact on their lives ~ and the lives of others.