High Net Worth Insurance and Risk Management

Four Methods To Manage Risk


Our team of Insurance Specialists identify risks which could tremendously impair your financial situation. While it’s important to focus positively on your financial planning goals, it’s also crucial to consider how you may be negatively impacted without proper protections in place. By transferring certain risks cost-effectively to the “deeper pockets” of an insurance company, you may realize the most prudent way to minimize the financial damage of a catastrophic, unanticipated event.

Some of the ways we utilize insurance in the financial planning process include:



To address income replacement as well as business succession funding and estate planning through a vehicle which may also be income tax and estate tax-free, if structured properly.



To protect your income in the event you have a disabling illness or injury preventing you from working until your intended retirement age.


Long-Term Care

To cover the costs of healthcare services for respite care, adult day care, in-home care, assisted living as well as nursing home care. This chart helps summarize how we help you manage the financial risks in your life: