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Why SRQ Wealth?

We believe that, ultimately, what successful people want most from their financial professionals is:

  • Simplicity
  • Service Excellence
  • The Unvarnished Truth

These have become our core operating principles.

Clients who come to SRQ Wealth are already successful people. They seek out our services because:

They have challenges without answers. Unexpected death, bear markets, a large inheritance, uncertainties about retirement, a complex business transaction—financial challenges can vary widely. Our clients don’t have the time or possibly the skills to find the answers themselves. The problem isn’t a lack of information—it’s knowing how to use that information to their greatest benefit and avoid becoming mired in the complexities that wealth can bring.

They don’t want to do it alone. Our clients know that the best way to pursue their goals and truly enjoy what they have is to work with a team of professionals who can help coordinate the details of their financial affairs. While they want to stay informed of their financial picture, they prefer to delegate much of the day-to-day implementation of their planning to those most qualified to handle it.

They have outgrown their current advisor. Some of our clients’ previous advisors may not have fully understood their needs, weren’t there when needed, or didn’t have the expertise & resources to help them as they grew more successful. Our clients appreciate working with a team of professionals with solutions supported by high-quality research; a team that takes a proactive role in implementing their financial plan, rather than just selecting a few investments.

They know they are special—and want to be treated that way. Just as our clients understand the value of concierge services when choosing a physician or when they travel, they like having all of their financial questions expertly & efficiently addressed in one call or visit, with the utmost in professional courtesy.