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WealthVision is your family’s Personal Financial Website and gives you an updated snapshot of your entire net worth, whether it’s managed by our firm, held elsewhere, or held in the form of real estate, business equity, or other illiquid holdings.

Your financial information on WealthVision is maintained and updated daily and available online, 24/7. WealthVision also gives you market updates, special financial planning reports, and secure electronic storage of key documents.

For more on WealthVision, read this detailed brochure.

WealthVision’s state-of-the-art security features ensure that your account information is kept completely confidential and secure (described more fully in Facts About Security).


AccountView offers easy-to-use online access to your current LPL Financial account and portfolio information, transactions, statements and trade confirmations.

Benefits of AccountView include:
Faster delivery of statements – Access your statements faster, within three business days after the end of each month.

All the advantages of online access – Electronic statements are:

  • Simple – less paper to keep track of
  • Convenient – view and print statements anytime
  • Secure – reduces the chance of a statement getting lost or stolen
  • Automatic – notifies you by e-mail when your statement is available

Faster online trade confirmations – Access your trade confirmations online the next business day after your trade is executed.

For more information, see the AccountView brochure.

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