Our Standard of Care


“SRQ Wealth embraces a Standard of Care: our commitment to our clients’ financial well-being at all stages of life. We believe this standard is the minimum you should expect from a comprehensive wealth management relationship. Our goal is for you to enjoy your wealth without worry.”

~ Steve Martin & Karin Grablin, Co-Founders

SRQ Wealth’s Standard of Care has evolved from years of experience managing the financial needs of our clients at various stages in their lives. Recognizing that our clients’ financial planning needs are different when they are in their 30s versus their 70s, we have developed a set of planning standards that work to ensure that these needs are addressed. Our clients each have circumstances unique to them, and we custom tailor our strategies and solutions to help provide the best possible fit.

At a minimum, you can expect us to work together on these topics as you progress through the stages of your life, knowing that financial planning is an ever-evolving process. As your life changes, your plan should, too.