Is Life Really So Bad Right Now? A Perspective Check

By Karin Grablin, CPA, CFP® Managing Partner/Wealth Advisor at SRQ Wealth With one “bad news” headline after another these days, it can be hard to keep a positive attitude, even for those us who have managed to stay healthy during this pandemic and keep our jobs. It’s time for a perspective check.

Webinar: CARES Act Overview with SRQ Wealth

Congress recently passed the largest economic relief package in history. And while you may have heard about the rebate check most Americans will be receiving, there is plenty more that impacts individuals and businesses in the U.S.

Divorce & Finance

Watch the video below to learn about the 6 most common financial divorce mistakes and how to avoid them.

Estate Planning

Do you need an estate plan? Over the next 30 years, an estimated 30 trillion dollars in wealth is expected to transfer to Generation X and Millennials. How can you protect your legacy? Watch this video to learn how you can get started with your estate plan.

Financial Fitness

Much like your fitness goals, your financial goals will remain focused and stay on track with the help of an advisor.

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