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How Do We Compare?

Are you getting all the services you need to achieve your goals— to enjoy your wealth without worry? We find that most "finanical advisors" are only selling investments. Follow the worksheet below, and compare for yourself.

Coordinated wealth management services
Comprehensive implementation: to get your plan in place & working for you
Regular meetings: with written agendas, minutes, and next steps
Ongoing education: newsletters, emails & website with timely information you can use
Streamlined cash management: One-stop access to your cash
Proactive financial plan updates: working with you as your needs change
Risk management
Disability planning: advocating for your needs; including replacement income
Long-term care planning to cover extra costs & care issues, if needed
Life & property/casualty insurance optimization: Do you have the right coverage at the most cost-efective rates?
Asset protection strategies: to shield you from potential “creditors and predators”
Medicare & retirement health insurance: to help ensure proper coverage in your retirement & to use all the benefits available to you
Retirement planning
Updated retirement forecasts: so you can track progress toward your goals, before & after retirement
Detailed cash flow planning: to meet current and future cash needs
Social Security, pension, & qualified plans: when/how to make contributions or take distributions in a tax-advantaged way; 401(k) and IRA planning
Preparing for retirement — to help ensure all the necessary steps are taken at the right times, financially and otherwise
Tax planning
Taxable income forecasts: to keep your CPA informed & your tax estimates current
Proactive capital gain/loss strategies: working with your CPA to evaluate the tax impact of potential portfolio changes
Tracking required minimum IRA distributions so they’re optimized
1099 and K-1 research: tracking necessary documents so you don’t have to
Investment services
Customized portfolio design: high quality & well-balanced
Documented investment process so you understand what you own & how it works to meet your goals
Due diligence reviews: our specialized screening of your investment managers
Independent research & no proprietary investment products
Special planning
Education forecasting & funding strategies: creatively using all available resources
Special needs planning for loved ones who may need extra care
Debt management: identifying opportunities & sources for re-financing, developing cash flow plans to reduce/eliminate debt
Estate planning
Beneficiary reviews: Conducting regular “audits” to keep your estate plan coordinated
Personal representatives planning: helping you identify & evaluate those named on your legal documents to best carry out your wishes
Estate plan reviews: to keep them fresh & reflective of your goals for the loved ones in your life
Stewardship & legacy: education of your heirs on their responsibilities
Business succession planning: identifying exit strategies before you need them
Multigenerational gifting strategies: to meet your goals in a tax-advantaged way as well as build a legacy
Estate tax minimization: working regularly with your team of advisors to evaluate options to reduce potential taxes
Charitable giving: to help you leave the legacy you desire while maximizing the tax benefits available
Full concierge services
Timely responses to your emails and phone calls
Personal financial website: secure access to your net worth statement online, 24/7
Secure electronic document storage for confidential papers
Special client events to entertain and keep you informed!
Coordinated meetings & discussions with your team of advisors: attorney(s), CPA(s), and other professionals
Professional services network: access to recommended attorneys, CPAs, realtors, bankers, insurance agents, etc. – as you need them
Team approach: all advisors & staf working as a team for your goals & needs