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Today, I Consider Myself The Luckiest Man On Earth

| July 03, 2018
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 For those that know me, you know that I’m a baseball guy.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve played baseball. I spent every summer playing “Sandlot” baseball at the Little League fields just across the street from my house.  When the summer rains came, we traded baseball cards, and even created Ceiling Fan Baseball (Imagine a ball of paper and a ceiling fan on high speed!).

Baseball - The Great American Pastime…we call it that due to its 100+ year history, rich with lots of memorable and moving moments,  none more moving than the speech that the original Ironman, Lou Gehrig, gave exactly 79 years ago today on July 4, 1939. Hardly able to stand, yet never missing a game for 2,130 consecutive games, Gehrig stood at the mic and said those iconic words on that Independence Day: 

Click here to hear for yourself.

Why the Yankees chose to honor Gehrig on the Fourth of July, I’m not sure. This great country, having just come together to survive The Great Depression, needed a “cup half full” man like Gehrig to inspire them. They needed a guy who showed up to work everyday without complaint.  What better day to host “Lou Gehrig Day” to honor a man that did just that. Some say he could barely walk at the end of his career, but still he showed up day after day.

Riddled with ALS and being forced to retire because of it, Gehrig still considered himself a lucky man…grateful to even share the field with such greats as Babe Ruth. Despite his affliction, he took time to thank others; his arch enemy Giants, his mother-in-law, and his parents. At times when I catch myself complaining about the most minor of things in my world, I remember Gehrig’s words, and all of my blessings come back into full focus.

To have the good fortune to have a business like SRQ Wealth that can serve so many, and provide for our team members at the same time, makes me one lucky man:  lucky to live in a country with the freedom to have this opportunity, and lucky to have so many wonderful clients who feel like family - who have helped make SRQ Wealth what it is today.

So this Independence Day, I say “Thank you” to all those that have helped us become one of the best independent advisory firms around. 

Happy Birthday, America!  I hope you and your family have a fun, but safe Fourth of July! 

To read Gehrig’s entire speech, click here.


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