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The Blues Will Be Back

| January 23, 2018
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Year after year for the last 6 years on the first weekend in December, the melody and rhythm of blues music erupts over the Bradenton RiverWalk for the entertainment of thousands of happy concert-goers - and 2017’s event was no exception. 

Featuring 10 bands, 2 local breweries and many local artists and vendors, 2017’s Bradenton Blues Festival was a blast of music and tastes that brought many different groups of our community together. Under a beautiful cloudless sky, volunteers and musicians from around the state, the country and the world came together to make this event a reality - and what a success it turned out to be!

130 volunteers from 5 countries, 35 states, 8 Canadian provinces and over 200 Floridian zip codes participated in the event, making 2017’s festival one of the most successful events Bradenton saw all year.   

The Bradenton Blues Festival sells out each and every year, and 2017’s event was no exception. For the sixth year in a row tickets were sold out, and they sold out even earlier than ever.

Don’t miss your opportunity to attend this year’s festival! Tickets for the 2018 Bradenton Blues Festival will start going on sale earlier than ever - starting later this month. In order to receive more information, sign up for an email alert for ticket sales at


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