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Slow Growth: The Overlooked Story

| November 17, 2014
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I found this research piece from Oppenheimer Funds’ Chief Economist, Jerry Webman, very interesting.  There has been much commentary in the media about the slow growth of the overall economy, but have you heard the rest of the story?

Webman’s blog makes a good case for the reasons behind the recent performance of the U.S. stock market, and it also leaves room for future optimism.  While not trying to make a political statement, he does point out that much of the slowness comes from government spending reductions, which (in some form or fashion) probably garners the approval of the majority of us.

To quote Webman, “Hating the government isn’t an investment strategy.”  We agree.  We also agree with his next comment, “It turns out that finding businesses that can thrive in the current environment is,”  – or to put the SRQ Wealth Management spin on it:

“Hating the government is not an investment strategy. It turns out that having a comprehensive

financial & investment plan that helps to address most economic environments is.”

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