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Should You Become A Florida Resident? Part III

| June 25, 2016
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In our last Should You Become A Florida Resident? Part II article, we described some basic steps that you can take to become a Florida resident. Our friend Cliff Walters, an experienced attorney of over 30 years, kindly provided us with additional steps that you can take while claiming Florida domicile Cliff explained to us that the more steps you take, the more likely northern states will accept your claims of Florida domicile. The additional steps he provided include:

  1. Move your church affiliation to Florida.
  2. Bring key art, collections and antiques to Florida.  (Auditors will look to your insurance policies to see where they are located for insurance purposes.)
  3. Have Florida doctors prescribe your prescriptions.
  4. Make sure you have a Florida vet for your pets.  And bring your pets to Florida
  5. Move your lock box to a Florida bank.
  6. Actually vote in the Florida elections
  7. Change your passport to reflect Florida residency
  8. File for Homestead in Florida if you buy a home.
  9. Change credit card addresses to Florida
  10. Not only have a new will drawn in Florida, but keep it in a place of safe-keeping in Florida.  (See #5 above).
  11. Consider buying funeral plots in Florida.
  12. Seek to marginalize business connections out of state in your former place of residence.

If you would like to know more about Cliff and the services he provides, please view his professional bio on his website

If you have any further questions, we encourage you to consult your tax or legal advisor, or, as your concierge financial services provider, we are always available to help you find the answers!

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