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Should The Apple Watch Be On Your After-Christmas Gift List?

| December 29, 2015
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Are you looking for any last minute or belated gift ideas? I always try to do a bit of research on the latest gadget or toy that’s presumed to be a “hot seller” around the holidays. This year I’ve honed in on the Apple Watch. The product has now been out for just over six months, and the tech giant has already gobbled up over 75% of the smartwatch market share! But the question remains, should you consider the Apple Watch as a last minute or belated holiday gift?

Before purchasing the Apple Watch, consider the end user. Do they want to be “hands-free”? Are they active or outdoorsy? Do they need to be motivated to exercise? Do they currently wear a watch? Do they currently have an iPhone? If you feel the answer to the majority of these questions is “no”, then the Apple Watch is likely not a great gift idea this Christmas, but as smartwatch technology adapts to appeal to a larger crowd, the Apple Watch may turn out to be a great gift idea. Overall, I like what Apple is trying to do. Motivating people to become more fit and in-tune with their health seems to be one of the key takeaways. It will certainly be a device to keep an eye on moving forward as the Apple Watch is still in the very early beginnings of its launch. For more in-depth information about the Apple Watch, check out this review.

At SRQ Wealth Management, we want clients hit their goals, not just their financial goals, but their personal health goals as well! It really is gratifying to see someone enjoying their retirement for years to come because they’re in great health. The Apple Watch may just be the technology to help propel you to the next stage on your path to a more satisfying retirement lifestyle.

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