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Passion Projects: The Link to a Better Life

| October 10, 2016
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Have you ever wondered what high profile business leaders do with their spare time – or how they find their source of inspiration? Do they vacation in exotic places, entertain world leaders or weave through the streets in the world’s fastest automobiles? One may assume that their leisure time would be pretty cushy. While all of these may be true for some executives (and the possibilities are endless), for others, sipping champagne on a private beach just doesn’t quite cut it for them. So what do they do that fuels their passion?

Here’s a few profiles of executives who have found some very unique ways to hone their business skills by pursuing their “passions.” Check out this article.

At SRQ Wealth Management, we often encourage our clients to find their own “passion projects” that get them out of bed in the morning, so they can make the most of their success. Whether it’s donating time at a local charity, painting with a group of friends, or taking that educational trip to an exotic “far-away” location, finding projects that they are truly passionate about brings a higher quality of life to them – and to those around them, and that is ultimately our goal for all of our clients.

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