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Onward and Upward

| February 08, 2018
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Last fall I had the opportunity to take an incredible trip to the Pacific Northwest with a great group of friends. Being the planner that I am, I bought a day-hiking book and began coming up with a list of hikes in the area that looked intriguing. “Headquarters” for the week was the small town of La Conner, WA located roughly 90 minutes north of Seattle. Since our group consisted of a handful of unseasoned hikers, we decided to start with a few simple treks around town and near the coast. I tend to be slightly overambitious, but when I have my heart set on something, it is just a matter of time before my wish becomes my reality. I had read about a difficult hike called Excelsior Pass just north of Mount Baker. This particular summit is the second highest peak in Washington and the snowiest peak in the world. The book promised views that painted wild scenes in my mind and I knew what I had to do next.

 Throughout the week I put slight pressure on the group take on my dream hike. What I’ve learned is persistence pays off! I was able to convince two other guys in the group to join me in scaling the Excelsior Pass Trailhead. The drive itself to the trailhead meandered through small towns and covered bridges, but after a while we finally reached our destination. With no GPS, cell phone reception, or real knowledge of what lied ahead, we decided to start our vertical trek up the winding switchbacks. The three of us quickly came to realize how seldom this trail is used. On several occasions, we had to improvise to cross over mountain streams and fallen trees, but we continued pressing on to the views that lie ahead. Occasionally, we would catch our breath at a bend and try to peer through the canopy to get a glimpse of Mt. Baker, but the fall foliage was simply too thick. “Onward and upward” became our motto throughout the morning and into the early afternoon hours. As we broke through the tree line and reached our goal, we were blessed with a picturesque scene of Mt. Baker that humbled all three of us.

After a three-hour climb, five and half miles of trail, and over 6,000 feet of elevation change, we all agreed that the views were worth it. On the way back down, I couldn’t help but relate our hike to the journey investors take when it comes to reaching their definition of success. They start off with an ambitious goal in mind: a “summit” that may seem impossible to reach when just starting out. Sometimes their journey requires them to make difficult decisions along the way. At times, they may sit back and try to get a good look at the goal, but there are just too many variables blocking the view. However, for those that keep their focus on the goal with a plan that is made to adapt, the rewards typically manifest.

Here at SRQ Wealth, our desire is for our clients to press on “onward and upward” as well. Whether our clients’ goals are to enjoy spending more time with family, to make an impact on their community, or enjoy a retirement filled with memories, our goal is to help them reach their own personal summits by offering to them trusted professional guidance, meticulous financial planning strategies and unparalleled service excellence.

Investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss

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