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Not Just Another Beer and Pizza Place

| August 16, 2016
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There’s a new beer and pizza place in town! Now stop your groaning…this is no ordinary beer and pizza place. Take from one who doesn’t drink beer and is not a real fan of pizza. Oak and Stone, home of craft beer and artisan pizza, opened a couple of weeks ago in the University Park area and it appears to be quite a success so far.

For more information about Oak and Stone read here.

With well over sixty beer products to choose from, patrons can slip on a beer bracelet and wander over to the fifty beer taps available inside the restaurant for self-pouring.   Or, if enjoying the great outdoors is your pleasure, simply find a table at the ample outdoor seating area complete with large screen television and pool table and choose from the six taps conveniently located in this area. The bar also has additional beer choices if none of the self-pouring beers suit your fancy.   Each beer is priced per ounce so you can drink as much or as little as you want. Read here for more information about the beer bracelet technology.

The menu features many unique wood-fired artisan pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, starters and entrees. We started off with crispy mozzarella lollipops, which were a bit of a disappointment. Think average mozzarella sticks only round with a wooden stick in it and way too expensive for what you get.   We continued with a kale and apple salad, which had dates and almonds and too much poppy seed dressing…good flavor but would have been better with half the dressing. Ask for it on the side if you order a salad.

In the true spirit of the restaurant, I decided to try a pizza figuring that if I liked the pizza, it must be good! As a true lover of kale, the minute I saw kale pesto was on the vegetarian, I was sold. The crust was thin and tasty. Broccoli, feta, artichoke and bacio mozzarella rounded out this amazingly delicious pizza.. Other interesting pizza ingredients include Taylor pork roll, roasted pineapple, pickled jalapeño and white cheddar, and a BLT Pie with mozzarella, bacon, lettuce and tomato. The BLT Pie is one of their best sellers and it would be one of my favorites if the lettuce were changed to iceberg instead of the spring mix used. The bitterness of radicchio lettuce overpowers the pizza rather than enhancing it.

I also tried the ravioli lasagna, a ricotta cheese filled lasagna with spicy sausage bits and pepperoni and a generous amount of mozzarella. This was my favorite and a definite reason to go back.

Oak and Stone is a nice addition to an already crowded restaurant corridor. It should do well as it is managed by the Tableseide group known throughout the area for such successful dining locations as Louie’s Modern, Libby’s and The Francis. If you are in the mood for a craft beer and artisan pizza, Oak and Stone is the place to go.

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