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New Year, New You… Maybe

| January 16, 2018
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Well, it’s 2018…a new year, a new you and time for those annual resolutions. You know the ones I am talking about; go on a diet and go to the gym. I know at my gym the attendance increases tremendously in January, dwindling slowly through February and back to normal in March. Weight loss plans rev up advertising and specials in January knowing full well the new year brings resolutions by many to shed excess pounds.

Most new year’s resolutions don’t last….why? What are we doing wrong?

And how can we improve our success this year with our resolutions?

We can all benefit from self-improvement and the start of a new year gives us a feeling of having a “clean slate.” So it is a natural time to assess our self-improvement path and how to continue to improve and achieve our goal.

Going on a diet can have a negative connotation and often leaves one feeling deprived based on the food you have to “give up.” Rather than making weight loss your goal, why not try a more global approach such as “getting healthier.”.  And sometimes what you should be “giving up” has nothing to do with food. Read here for a list of things to “give up” in 2018.

While it is important to make healthy food choices, there are ways to get healthier that have nothing to do with dieting. For more information read here.

In a recently published New York Times article, we are provided ways to live healthier in 2018 that include stress management and more sleeping. 

And health related resolutions can include being financially healthy as well. Read here for more resolutions that are not weight loss based. 

The path to improvement is a slow and steady one. It is more about the journey than the destination if you want to be successful for the long-term. We at SRQ Wealth wish you a happy, healthy 2018 and much success on your road to self improvement.

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