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Need A Lift Downtown? iRide Has You Covered

| October 10, 2017
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If you’ve been around the downtown Sarasota area lately, you’ve probably spotted more than one little electric car zipping passengers down Main Street. The iRide service is here, and it’s getting more and more popular each day with locals and tourists alike. 

This free service (you read that right, it’s free) extends from Mound Street in the south to 14th Street in the north, and from the bay front in the west to School Avenue in the east. The 6 electric cars in the fleet can run for about half an hour before needing a charge and they run in shifts, so a quick ride down Main Street is usually just a phone call and a few short minutes away. The service is operated by The Gotcha Media Group, which wraps the electric cars in paid advertisements, offsetting the cost of running the service. The service is entirely free, but drivers say tips are always welcome.

If you’re downtown and in need of a lift within their service area, you can call iRide at 941-444-2585. A mobile app is currently in development as well. 

If you want to learn more about iRide, check out this article from the Herald Tribune. 

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