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I, Steve Martin, Have A Dream…

| January 20, 2016
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Ponder, imagine, hypothesize…dream. Lie in the grass and look at the clouds, take off the blinders of your current situation and think big. Think about what could be, if only…

The “if only” is where the dreaming leapfrogs into to doing. Doing is what takes a Dreamer and turns them into an Entrepreneur.

When we were kids, we weren’t afraid to think big. We weren’t afraid to dream. Somewhere along the way, a well-intending adult told us to “be realistic.” Fortunately, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs didn’t listen. Fortunately, I didn’t listen either.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need many traits. Creating Genius magazine did a good job of synthesizing the top three in their article, Entrepreneurs are Dreamers that Become Doers.

  1. A willingness to be different,
  2. The ability to use one’s intelligence and
  3. The ability to push through adversity.

As I read the article, I thought back about SRQ Wealth Management and the dream it started from. As a young financial advisor at PaineWebber in the mid-90’s, I envisioned a new way of doing business:

  • A business that served a select group of very successful business owners, both current and former, and those that have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • A business that was rewarding and fulfilling; one that made it fun to come to work.
  • A business where truth and transparency were the norm.
  • A business that had the independence to do first what was right for the client, and not directed by a headquarters far removed from the client & the client’s needs (e.g. Wall Street).
  • A business where clients became friends.
  • And last, but not least, a business that serviced clients with a concierge, “small-town” touch & feel that I would want if I were a client.

Today, SRQ Wealth Management is the fulfillment of my dream. But it doesn’t stop there. We keep thinking bigger and trying to find new ways to service clients better. We often say “No” to the “status quo.” We are constantly learning more, and applying it to our business, and we keep working hard to see our vision become reality.

Many of our clients have been along for the ride, all the way from my days at PaineWebber 20 years ago to now. We are forever grateful for their trust and willingness to be part of our adventure of discovery, because we believe they benefit, too. As we see financial markets move erratically, and as we see negative headlines dominate the media creating yet another period of uncertainty in the world economy, one thing you can be certain of: We at SRQ Wealth Management will not let go of our dreams – for you, or for us.

Because we have learned that dreams can come true.

This week celebrates one of our country’s greatest dreamers, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. We should all owe a debt of gratitude to a man with great vision who died far too young. Fortunately, his spirit lives on in all of us, and his speech, “I Have a Dream,” which still gives me chills every time I hear it. Click here to listen for yourself.

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