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How Your Smart Phone Can Help You Save Money

| October 11, 2018
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There’s no doubt about it:  technology can be expensive.

Today’s smart phones are getting more advanced every year -  and as a result, we usually end up paying more for them. Last year, Apple released its newest iPhone X with a whopping $1,000 price tag.  Quite pricey!  While the iPhone itself costs enough as it is, the apps and services offered for this cutting edge phone come with their own set of rather steep price tags.

But what if this phone and its apps are really more of an “investment”?  What if they could also help you save money, too?

Time Magazine recently released a list of 33 apps you can download to your phone that promise to save you time and money. From travel to shopping to credit reports as well as tracking your expenses, these apps can help you save a bundle – and stay on budget.

For the complete article, click here.  Happy reading – and happy saving money!

While we can all appreciate the utility these high tech “apps” have to offer, there really is no substitute for having an in-depth conversation with a Certified Financial Planner® professional who can understand your needs and help design a customized plan to help you meet your goals - and then coach you on the road to your financial future.   

So while we hope you find these money-saving apps useful, when you are ready to put these savings to good use via a customized financial plan designed especially for you, please feel free to give our offices a call. 


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