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Ghost Stories Of The Rich And Famous

| October 31, 2016
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As wealth grows, so do the tales it spins. We have all seen how uber-wealth can lead to vast creature comforts, but also outlandish, if not eccentric, lives…and deaths. Therefore, does it not make sense that the ghosts of these same people would not also be a bit more eccentric than your run-of-the-mill Casper, the friendly ghost?

Today is Halloween and we thought it would be fun to lighten it up a little and share some of these stories we found. If I come back as a ghost, I want to be a ghost at one of these cool places rather than haunt some old run down shack in the woods!

One of the more eerie tales we came across is the legend of George Boldt, a self-made millionaire who was the original proprietor of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Boldt began ambitious construction of a summer home on an island in the Thousand Islands area of New York State as a tribute of love for his wife, Louise Boldt. But when Louise died suddenly in 1904 before the home could be finished, a heartbroken Mr. Boldt ordered construction to be stopped on what has now become known as Boldt Castle.   After decades of decay, the home was eventually restored as a tourist attraction, but over the years, people have reported hearing phantom footsteps, seeing strange lights in the castle and…..even sightings of Louise Boldt’s spirit!

For more haunting details on this ghost story and more, check out this article I found in Trusts & Estates magazine.

If those stories aren’t enough and if you have “Suspicious Minds” or care to put on your “Blue Suede Shoes” and take a trip to “Heartbreak Hotel,” you may just see the King, Elvis Presley, himself. According to this article, not only does Elvis still peer through the curtains at his former home in Graceland, he is rumored to make many appearances at the Las Vegas Hilton.

And the ghost of Marilyn Monroe is reputed to hang out in dozens of places around Hollywood and elsewhere. Does this famous actress still have some “unfinished business?” Check out more details at this article and decide for yourself!

Yes, I think it’s much more interesting to be a rich and famous ghost. More gets written about you, for sure! Next time you see me, I’ll share my own “ghost encounter” from a recent hotel stay in Nashville with you. Still makes my hair stand on end! Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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