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Economic Proof The World Is A Better Place…. Now More Than Ever

| February 20, 2018
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You often hear people say “they don’t build ‘em like they used to.” Another version of that same mindset is: “back in the good old days.…”

But what if someone told you that the world today is better off than it has ever been before - in all of history? What if that person told you they could prove that fact with measurable data? Well, that is exactly the message the late renowned academic Hans Rosling had for the world.

In this video titled, “200 countries in 200 years”, Rosling demonstrates how rising life expectancies combined with greater average incomes have helped propel modern civilization to its highest peak in recorded history.

People are living longer, are more healthy, and are earning higher wages than at any point previously known. By illustrating the data in an easy-to-follow visual demonstration, Rosling shows that we are truly lucky to be a part of the modern world and based on this progression, one can only wonder what it in store for future generations!

We invite all of you to take a few moments to view this short video in the hopes that it lifts your spirits (the case for optimism is strong) and gives you some perspective about our path toward global prosperity.  Enjoy!

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