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Don’t Travel Abroad Without This!

| June 27, 2017
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We’ve all heard the credit card slogan “don’t leave home without it.” And, when traveling, especially abroad, you should carry a credit card. But, even more valuable could be travel insurance.

Ah insurance...ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you how much I dislike the subject of insurance. However, on more than one occasion, having insurance has saved me thousands of dollars. I know, you are asking yourself the same question I did; do I really need insurance? And what kind of insurance? Only you can answer those questions.

To assist with determining if you need insurance, click here to read an article from Consumer Reports.

Travel guru, Rick Steves, provides good insight to help sort through the many types of travel insurance here.

So if you decided that travel insurance is right for you, where do you get it? Most travel companies will offer insurance at the time of booking which is convenient but not necessarily your best option. Before choosing travel insurance, consider your alternatives. Read here.

No one thinks he or she will fall victim to theft or get sick or injured on vacation, least of all me. In February I went on a cruise for nearly two weeks in the Mediterranean, with stops in Rome, Monaco and Barcelona, to name a few. Nine days into the cruise I thought I caught a cold. Several more days past and my symptoms worsened but I ignored them. By the second-to-last day on the cruise, I was miserable and worried I would not be allowed to fly home. A trip to the infirmary was in order and I was diagnosed with Influenza A and bronchitis bordering on pneumonia. Several hours later after receiving intravenous antibiotics and fluids for hydration, I was returned to my cabin armed with more antibiotics, quarantined and told to return to the infirmary later that evening to test if I would be able to fly home. I was cleared to fly and, after paying the more than two thousand dollar bill for medical services, I was on my way. Thank goodness I had purchased travel medical insurance because, after my primary insurance company denied my claim, I was able to collect all my medical expenses from the travel medical insurance company.

The decision to purchase travel insurance is a personal one. My motto is “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” Weigh the risk and the cost. Research your options and you will know what is right for you.

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