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Binaural Beats – The Rhythm of Healing

| May 12, 2017
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Feeling down? Out of sorts? Unable to focus or sleep? The usual route to recovery from these conditions often involves expensive therapies, consultations, and sometimes even medication, with varying degrees of effectiveness - depending on the person or the cause of the condition. So what if I told you that another type of therapy exists that doesn’t use any of that? And you can use it in the home or on the go - on your phone or audio device?

This therapy technique is called “Binaural Beats,” and it’s offered by the Immrama Institute of Temple Terrace, Florida. This brainwave technology concept was discovered by a physicist back 1839 and involves use of audio frequencies that work harmoniously with your brainwaves to help you achieve enhanced brain functioning. The underlying process, known as “Frequency Following Response,” was researched extensively by biophysicist Gerald Oster at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City in 1973. Dr. Oster’s research led to further development of auditory stimulation to enhance brain functioning. Today, the use of Binaural Beats technology is reputed to promote deeper relaxation for meditation, increased concentration while at work or studying, or even help users fall asleep more easily – and get better sleep.

Sound too good to be true? To learn more, click here to read about how Binaural Beats works - and the impact it may make in your life.

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