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A Post-Script to Your New Year’s Resolutions

| March 01, 2019
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In early January, we shared a blog I wrote about making financial resolutions for the New Year, which I professionally feel every individual, couple or family should undertake to complete – at some point in their lives - the sooner, the better.

But I recently ran across a 2-year old Time magazine article with some suggested New Year’s resolutions that I think are timeless:  they are less tangible and more spiritual - a good complement to the financial ones I listed last month.    To summarize the article by Rabbi David Wolper, here are 5 “elastic” (e.g. cannot be broken with a single act) suggested New Year’s resolutions: 

1. Engage with people more than pixels: put the phone away and have face-to-face conversation with someone – make a connection!

2. Take your soul seriously: turn away from the corrosive & choose positive influences.

3. Increase your kindness: “Rather than your joy leading you to smile, let your smile lead you to joy.”  (I love this one!)

4. Choose someone to forgive: “The more you forgive others, the less the world can injure you.

5. Forgive yourself: “Have expectations of yourself, but don’t enforce them with a hammer.”

Effectively, he encourages us to live purposefully and not waste a single day of our future.

I could not agree more.  Happy New Year (again)!

To view the full article, click here


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