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5 Lessons From The Wisdom Of Steve Jobs

| October 06, 2016
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Love him or hate him, Steve Jobs is thought of a one of the world’s greatest innovators. While he is often criticized for his eccentric style, the accomplishments he achieved in his relatively short life speak for themselves.

It’s hard to believe that he died 5 years ago this month. I remember visiting Boston the day he died and walking by the Apple Store. The sidewalk in front of the store was a memorial to his life: people left flowers, pictures – and even their cell phones! The storefront was covered with Post-it notes declaring people’s sorrow for their loss…all accolades to a man they never personally knew.

The lesson to learn from this is …

that when you are true to your passions, people will follow you. Apple was never a computer company. It was a visionary company that just happened to make computers…. and cell phones and lots of other devices we didn’t know we needed until they came along. Big difference.

In fact, their corporate motto was, “Think different.”

Regarding SRQ Wealth Management…

People think we are in the money business, but actually

we are in the people business.

Again, big difference.

So what are 5 lessons that successful business professionals can all learn from Steve Jobs?

Here is an article where Jobs articulates these lessons in short video clips that will likely be used in business schools for years to come. Grab a cup of coffee and prepare to be inspired!

For those that want the CliffsNotes version…

1. Reconnect with your core values and build your brand around those unwavering fundamentals. At SRQ Wealth Management, we believe that successful people seek three things: Simplicity, Service Excellence and the Unvarnished Truth. What does your advisor believe?

2. Trust your intuition, always follow your heart and live each day as if it is your last. Investing can be a lot like this. To be a good investor, you have to have Faith, Patience and Discipline…take away one, you take away them all.

3. Be willing to say “no” to ideas that may be good but not on point. Know what you do, and know who you serve. As a Concierge Financial Services firm, we can’t be all things to all people, but we can be all things to a few people, and we strive to do that with excellence.

4. Be a company that is building, guiding and motivating a team of “A” players.” A year ago, Karin and I hired an executive coach to guide us and provide accountability for the growth of our firm. A great advisor does that for their clients to help them stay on track. Does your advisor do that for you?

5. Empower and trust your teams to innovate, solve problems and deliver. At SRQ Wealth Management, we have always referred to each other as team members, not staff, not employees, not as boss and subordinates. Only a team can produce results where 1+1=3.

I honestly believe the synergy of our team and the service we strive to deliver is 2nd to none. It’s an honor and privilege to come to work every day, thanks to our team!

There may never be another Steve Jobs, but if someone comes along that reminds us of him, it will be because that person is as connected to these five lessons as Steve Jobs was. Implementing these lessons in your business (and sometimes personal) life will provide a sense of freedom, not based on compliance with the rules and following statistics, but in both passion and dreams that come true one by one.

At SRQ Wealth Management, we love partnering with clients that are “big thinkers” already – to help them not only pursue their dreams, but to strive beyond what they thought was possible …that’s what you do when you are in the People Business.

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